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korag thu x btape skit yg tgn kne parut...bkan prut klape 2...kikir parut lh....skit..smlm aq dah kne.drh jgk lah.nsib baek kne skit.klau x...xthu lah ape jad...

smlm kan egtkn dye xde...rpe2nye aq..kat dwn...mmg xd sgka-sgka kn...tap skag aq still xthu..ary 2 aq nmpk dye pgag tgn oag laen..adlh 1 pompuan ney..cantk...rmbt ponytail but shorter that me...maybe thats his gf right..well good for him...

its not that im have no more hope..but i just dont want to keep on hoping towards the things that even i cant imagine...its bad for me to keep on hoping...

but not hoping for anything....friends are friends no matter what happen...