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Basecode By: Siti Syuhadah
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assalamualaikum sume...

im just finishing my presentation...some more details and it's done

k lah..smbil buat kje,,of course lah bkk fb ngan twitter.mcm biase
then i saw everybody taking about their bestfriends.
bgos kn mcm tu...?
wlaupon jauh...hati dyeoag ttp same.
tapi x sume.laen oag laen cite nye.ade yg ok..and ad yg x ok


two best friend..sorag kat sini,soag lag jauh sane.. (sane mane?)hahahah..jauh lah yg pntig.
tiap2 hari kol..tiap2 hari mesej...bila yg jauuh tu blek..mesti lempak umah yg lag satu ni..
berjam-jam...bnyk cite agak nye. yelah,laen tanah.laen lah cite nye kn?

two best friend jugak.soag jauuh soag kat sini...same lah kn..
tapi syg... :( yg jauh skit pon xegt yg kat sini...
kol x mesej pon x
yg kat sini still tggu...still mengharap..waiting with hope you sory about that
bila yg jauh blek..yg kat sini xthu pon.sbb?yg jauh x bag thu...kesian dye.

bukan nk ckp ape lah kn...tap kalau dah nme nye KAWAN, ape salah nye kol seminggu skali...
even hantar mesej tlis "miss u" pon dah ok...
friend is just like our family....
kte perlukn dyeoag..

people only realise how important something is when they lose it...

yg menyesal nnty kte sndri..
sementare dyeoag still ade..stick with them...

i dont know..
mungkin sbb ni lah i left my boarding school
i miss them sooooo damn much

making new friends in not bad...but forgetting the old one is!!!!

i like looking at my friends with their best friends...i were like "it's great to have friends"
tap oag laen skit pon xkesah pasal friendship

ade yg xthu friendship tu ape???!!
ade yg kte friendship tu... "its a ship name friends:,,
i were like "WHAT???!!! bergurau ape" conclusion (ending dah ni)....friendship is important to everyone...we need it..
even i need it. kte xperlu buat ape2 pon untuk dpt kawan...cukup dgn "helo" and we are friend...
as simple as one, two, three
cube lah..and bila dah ad kwn bru jgn lupe kawan yg lame...kte kawan sume je..senag hidup

Friendship is all about trust

trust is like a paper...
if you crumble it
it wont be perfect anymore