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Basecode By: Siti Syuhadah
Edit By: AzuNyan
Re-Edited By: Me
Thanks To : C U T E

hhhahhahaahah....penat nye..
tgok smpai lupe bag slm...

p/s:klau ad typo phm2 sndri lh..fingerprint dah hlag buat homework

bnyk tau karangan citra kne buat..skit tgn..

yg sbnrnye nk ckp yg arini mcm ari biase je..tapi my friends and i start to have problem..weird right...
sbb kteoag xpnh ad msalah..
except homework...
what problem xleh ah nk ckp..tap im sure evrything is going to be me..
we have our family...and each other..
we stick together...hah!!!

kne grak dly 20 lag kragn kne siap kn...

ngan ULBS!....ahhhhhh....bru egt?sedeh.
bye assalamualaikum...peace yo!