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Basecode By: Siti Syuhadah
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 ahhhhhhh!!!!! jerebu lag...makin trok ah. PSI 321*cntek kn*


so, ary ney xnk ckp psl jerebu.

ary ni nk ckp pasal....pasal...pasal....


hah...bru egt.ney lah nk tnye kwan x?klau ad,btol ke korag kawan?
kdag2 ad oag kawan *sgt* nme penuh pon xthu.sedeh!

tap 2 lah.slalunye oag aq cri kwan yg same prangai mcm dye sndri.
 cool kid with the popular kid 
nerd withbookworm

tap xkire lah ngan sape pon kte kawan,asalkn dyeoag buat kte happy.

klau dye 'kurag baek' jgn ekot,kawan je..
klau baek ckp ape? alhamdulillah.

klau ade oag xske kat kte,nk buat ape?herm.....


u know wht...
as friends, we need to be ourself and the magic will come.

as life goes on, we lose our friends and gain a lot more.
some stay true by our side,some were never there to begin with.
goodor badfriends come and go.

but there is one thing for sure

wecant live without them.

thank you,assalamualaikum