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Basecode By: Siti Syuhadah
Edit By: AzuNyan
Re-Edited By: Me
Thanks To : C U T E

assalamualaikum ~~~~

n.a.k. c.i.t.e. p.a.s.a.l. a.p.e .y.e?
j.a.p. j.a.p j.a.p
d.a.h. n.a.k. s.m.p.a.i
x. .d.p.t

nk ckp psal 

7 secret 4 success

i found it in my room

roof said: Aim High 
fan said: Be Cool 

clock said: Every minute is precious
mirror said: Reflect Before You Act

window said:See The World
calender said: Be Up To Date
door said: Push Hard To Achieve Your Goal

hah...ney lah care nk success.nk lag senag,pkai toyol.ape ssh.hahahaha.
actually,xpenah ikot pon.*sbb 2 xpndai2*

#xde idea nk tlis ape.hehehhe bru bgun tido mmg mcm ney lah.lalok 
k lh bye.acemekom