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im late (updating my blog)


'hurry up. i can help you be a milioner..just move until you step on this card....HURRY!!!'

          Im tired hear that boy nagging at my ear.its all because of the Catur Bistari Challenge.i dont win.i just manage to get until the second row...but thank godness the banker is not mad at me...CONGRAT...that the only thing that he tells me...i still dont care....


i look at the koperasi....OMG!!!so many people..but we all just want to buy the same i just ignore what i hope for....

        so i walk straight away to the canteen passing the biology lab...right in front of the lab i felt something wrong i make my move...on the way i saw i was 5 intan class.and still dont get it. i keep on asking why, why and why???? after a few minutes...i realise that it was mr NCAA.ah...i miss him so much...

        suddenly my friend start screaming at my ear while i was having a dy dream...and then i start talking with them as usual...but mr NCAA is still in my mind...forever and ever...