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Basecode By: Siti Syuhadah
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buat ape 2? 

ok lah...sbenonye ary sungguh bosan ye...biar sye mnegaskn "BOSAN"

soag je kat umah..tgok tv ->basuh baju->sidai baju-->bla bla bla...settle

mak ngan adek kuo g kubur atuk.*smpai aty x ajak..

nk buat mcm mne kan..oag x ske.kte x bleh nk pakse oag...
ok lets forget about that..

ary 2,tgh boring2 tgok tv kn...tibe2 je nmpk cite celik hati kat tgok lh..
*sbenornye nmpk Taleeb,2 yg tgok 2...heheheh

then prof 2 ad ckp psal ciri2 oag x akan berjaya


so,,bile pikir2 blek kn...maybe just maybe..i hate myself.bukan ape,,tgok lh i got nothing.even the person i love dont love me..i try everything,still nothing..tapi xpernh mngalah...
knape?giving up is only for loser!
tiap2 ary im trying to be my best.keep on smiling...bile xske,diam..lari.mlz nk bsing2...

ney mmg xde ah..xthu knape xbleh benci oag..bile mrh je,i try to find something good in them..
maybe our past time yg we treasure sgt..
tiap2 kali mrh,i try to make up with the person.
ble mule rse benci 2,many thing i try and do
amek air smbhyg.smbhyg lah ape pon yg ble,ngaji,,zikir ataupon tggu azan

oag slalu ckp 

when life knock you down

you are in the perfect position to pray.

so that what i do.

never!i never regret about my past.because xde mse lepas,i wont be right know.
try untuk trus kn hidup without looking back.
xde ape nk di sesalkn.
ni sume takdir...we cant do anything
just hope,work and pray for the best.
allah x kn uji hambanye ngan bnde yg kte sndri xbleh tanggung.

STAY STRONG, STAY ALIVE,and enjoy your life 

rmai oag risau ngan mse dpan dyeoag.maybe dyeoag nye study xok sgt.
kte kne egt,no one is born useless in this world.
so stop worrying and start moving.
our past is a history,our future is a mystery.
and right now is a gift,thats why we call it a present 
jge ape yg kte ad skag,lupe kn mse lpas ...
mase depan kte akan sentiase cerah klau kte mencerahkn mse dpn oag laen...

as a conclusion,dlm hidup ney bnyk bnde yg kte xthu atau kte x pasti.kte kne pastikn ap je yg kte buat sntiase di jln yg lurus*jgn sesat plak*,then jgn susah kn oag laen.oh ye, jgn ske melawan takdir *redha*..k lah..nak buat kje..homework sume blom siap lag*ehehehe*
bye assalamualaikum warahmatullah