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Basecode By: Siti Syuhadah
Edit By: AzuNyan
Re-Edited By: Me
Thanks To : C U T E

snack ♥ candy ♥ crazy

i got nothing to do today..
just sit and do nothing..

i already ate everything in my frigde..
all the candy,sweet and everything have finish..
bread and biscut all out..
its not my fault..
its my stomach..

and im getting tired with my crazy friend..
--- too NOT open minded..
i hate ---
everything that i do..
-- said its wrong..
cant say that and this..
im so stress out..
thank god....
i just ignore ---..
i afraid to --- bcoz --- my friend..
i dont wanna hurt --- feelings..
what ever...
everything over now..

while i was sitting on my bed...
i suddenly remembered all my friends..
i miss them soooooooooooo damn much........

then i start taking my own picture...
but that pic is the picture where i dont wear my 'tudung'
so i put the pic where i was on may way to go back to my kampung in malacca.
wanna see...

then i watch tv and still do nothing...
im so lazy to do anything...
i dont know why....
im getting tired...
maybe i'll continue tomorrow or the next day or the next...
depend when i want ok..