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Basecode By: Siti Syuhadah
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one more day and i'll be in school..
"soo~~~ FUN"....

i dont think that this year going to be FUN...
you know what i mean...
you see,,,,
we are going to have a very big everyone is concentrate on their studies.
they are starting to use to word NO in their life...

like these..
no novel
no tv
no fb 
no comic
no music
what i mean is...all this things mean

i dont like these kind of stuff...
and i dont know starting from when???
i start doing my homework..
ever since my entire life,i never done my homework.
i'll finish my homework at the time my teachers ask for it.

and now i start worry when i havent finish my homework...
i guest people do change....

starting a new topic
i wonder why people change???
dont they like being themselves....
i dont wanna change...
i just wanna be ME.

something keep on bothering me....
what will happen if everyone change???
what will happen if all my friends change??
are everyone going to change????

and of course
all my question are about change 
i ask everyone..but guest what???
they dont know...

i also dont know...
im going to think about it even if it going to take million years....
i'll take it...