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happy ♥ new ♥ year (i think?)

a few day past...and it went not very well (as i plan,of course..) but we are not taking about going to right about new years...

as we all know that when new year come
some people think that everything must be new.
new furnitures, new clothes,new mission,new target,new boyfriend/girlfriend,and sometimes new wife/husband....

but i dont care about that...all that things are nothing to me.
the thing that matter to me is...


i like changes...ok i dont like..
i know that sometimes changes can be good but changing everything can be bad...

people said im an idiot because at my age i still like to watch cartoon.for me,its fine.i dont care what people think about me.i am who i am.
the thing is they dont believe me when i say in every story have its own messages.

and i just learn something for this new year...

our heart is stupid...its not really stupid,it just stupid....its right.we can lie to our heart.i always did.i never realise it.

   here are some step if your are in trouble :-

  1. think that you're going to be ok
  2. calm yourselves
  3. look for something that maybe can save you
  4. look for someone (dont look for the bad guy)
  5. if you can do all of these congrats from me.if not just pray to god that He save you.
i always want to grow up i dont make any mistake.i dont wanna get in trouble.
i wanna share some secret.we im alone, i start this..

♪♫  give me sunshine
give me some rain ♫♪
♫♫give me another chances
i wanna grow up once again ♪♫♪♪
(if you wanna hear how i sing it,called me),(if you know my number)



H  A  P  P Y   N  E ♫ W   Y♫ E ♪ A ♫ R