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first or true

just now im looking at some image that i kept in my pendrive..
im trying to clear my pendrive..
so something attracting me..
that's a quote saying
"first love never die,but true love can bury themselves alive".
and then i start thinking..

first love never die 
this is true because in every novel i read it shows that when the hero or the heroin met a new partner, they start trying to forget the old one..but they cant....maybe because first love is the person who always be beside you...even when they are having trouble, they face it for you just to stay alive for you.

then,how about true love???

true love can bury themselves alive
this kind of love is for someone who willing to sacrifice something for their happiness...they even willing to sacrifice themselves just for the one they love. for some reason, i dont know what i want to write about it...

some people said " if you love something, let it go. if it come back, it's yours. if not, just forget about it "
letting go of something that we love or like is hard.but we have to try.

i really dont know about love because i have no experience about just slip to my mind.hehehehe....

but i do know something,,,

sometimes God block the Sun and give us thunder and lightning. we think that God giving us storm.but rainbow that we get.