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Basecode By: Siti Syuhadah
Edit By: AzuNyan
Re-Edited By: Me
Thanks To : C U T E

Mc D????

it have been 3 years since we all start high school...
we never get to see each other (except if they are our neighbour)
a few weeks ago,
my friends plan to make a reunion party...
some of us dont agreed because *it's just 3 year,it's not so long!!!

i dont really care about it,,,
if they invite me,i'll try to come...
but if i cant,,,im sorry...

three days before the reunion i though i dont wanna come,,,
but my friend lysa*not a real name beg me to come and follow her..

i dont know why,i cant stand her begging so i told her i'll ask my mom...
so i run to my mom and ask her for her permission..
she ask me "do you wanna go??"
i hold my phone far away from my mouth and told my mom to say NO...
so she no....

but then my friend start caling and texting me...
i just cant stand it...
so i ask my he said i can go...

on the reunion day *which is today
she fetch me at my home..
we reach Mc D
we though that the BOYS had reserve the place for the party...

guest what???


i cant stand standing under the hot temperature
so i ask my friend to come along with me..
i want to ask the manager can we use the place *which is very exclusive
after a few minits chit chating with the manager..
she said "you can use the place in 1 and a half hour..
so we all went somewhere...
but not me...i just sit with my friend...
no walking just talking....

for a finishing touch they all wanna go for a karaoke at DIVA
below DIVA is a pub..
so im not sure to go or not...
i just wanna go home..
so farahin's mom drive me home ....
oh yeah....i almost forget..
hashim also joining me going home...
im not brave enough to go to that kind of place...
that is not MY P.L.A.C.E. OK

and of course,,,
i reach home safely...
it's getting late..
maybe tomorrow or soon
i'll put all my friends pictures in my blog..